Oral film with CBD for your well-being

Scientists, doctors, people with various health problems and those who simply want more out of life are all allured by it. Cebedix-h is a thin oral film with CBD that dissolves almost immediately when placed in the mouth. It comes with a refreshment of the breath and the active substances are used fast and effectively by the body. Cebedix-h is a small piece of paper that can do great things.

Why Cebedix with InStrip technology beats oils

You can find many different products containing CBD on the market. However, there is only one Cebedix oral film with InStrip technology. It is fast, efficient and convenient. What will make you fall in love with it?

We have been working for a long time on how to safely and easily administer various active substances. After several years of research, we have developed the patent-protected InStrip technology. Its final product is a thin flexible paper containing the active substance, the so-called “oral film”.

You got it! Now

The first effects of Cebedix in the form of a thin, mouth-soluble film will be felt by you in just a few seconds. Within a few minutes max, it will be completely dissolved and the contained substances will be used effectively.

Greater effect from a smaller dose

Thanks to InStrip technology, you will use the full potential of the active substances contained in Cebedix. You will achieve the desired effect from a much smaller dose. And a smaller dose means a smaller toll on the organism. So why fill your body with unnecessary chemicals when there is a better way?

Safety first

We stand behind the purity and quality of the raw materials. We use a mixture of cannabinoids from plants grown in organic farming to produce Cebedix. The extraction is performed according to HACCP protocols in Switzerland. All our products are non-toxic and natural.

Sober mind

Cebedix does not affect or reduce sobriety. You can use it, for example, while driving a car or on a hike. Each batch is tested according to strict standards.

Elegant use

You no longer have to measure, swallow or drink anything. Cebedix is a small thin paper square (or rectangle for lower concentration products) containing active substance, which we call an oral film. You put it in your mouth like a menthol candy and after a few minutes it dissolves on its own. According to studies, the most effective application is under the tongue.

Discreet and always at hand

You can easily and elegantly use Cebedix oral film in any situation. During an important business meeting for example. No one but you will know.

One a day is enough

Thanks to the unique capabilities of InStrip technology, one oral film a day is enough to achieve the desired effect. Convenient, isn’t it?

You save more

InStrip technology allows you to use the full potential of the substances contained in Cebedix. As a result, you pay less for a more targeted effect.

What is a Cebedix oral film?

Cebedix is an easily soluble in mouth, very thin and flexible edible paper containing active substance. It immediately adheres to the appropriate mucosa, begins to gradually dissolve and release the CBD. Thanks to this it is effective in just a few minutes. In addition, it allows you to use the full potential of CBD.

Oral film with CBD helps me live through allergy season and it also gives me more energy. Kateřina Szilágyiová, 40 y/o


We have something for everyone

We have a stronger version of the oral film with 5 mg CBD or a lower intensity version of Cebedix-h with 2.5 mg CBD. You can also choose whether to buy a month supply or a packaging with ten oral strips.

1 / You decide the appropriate strength of the oral film yourself. We recommend starting with Cebedix-h containing 2.5 mg CBD. If necessary, you can switch to a stronger version with 5 mg CBD.

The oral film with CBD helped me withstand the cold weather without any health problems, otherwise I suffer from viral infections every year. Vladimír Elíz, 38 y/o

2 / Women often prefer Cebedix-h with a lower intensity of the active substance and men prefer the stronger version. However, there are no rules, always follow your feelings.

3 / According to research, the most effective application is under the tongue. But you can apply the oral film anywhere in your mouth.

CBD is the key to change

CBD is a completely safe and harmless extract from hemp. However, its positive effects on health and fitness are beginning to be taken seriously by the professional public, and CBD is undergoing many clinical tests. How is it possible that CBD can cause such big changes in the body? What can CBD help you with?

Thanks to the oral film with CBD, I can get out of bed in the morning and live without much pain. Before, due to a prolapsed disc, I was almost unable to move. Petr Hořčica, 42 y/o

Less pain, better sleep and concentration, good mood, strong immunity. That sounds great, doesn’t it?