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Cebedix and Cebedix-h were created by a Czech company called InStar Technologies. We care about your health, the effectiveness of the products we offer and the quality of all the raw materials we use. We are convinced that social responsibility is an integral part of success. Because only quality and thoughtful work bring joy and fulfillment.

InStar Technologies was founded in 2014 in Liberec by pharmaceutical experts and enthusiastic scientists with academic experience, who have achieved excellent results in their careers. They decided to connect them with business experience and create technologies and products that will make your life easier and better.

01 / How to reach the full potential?

We develop technology

Our body is a set of complex and fascinating events that allow us to live. At InStar, we explore ways to gently supply the organisms of people and animals with the various active ingredients they need or ways to help them overcome their health problems. For many years, we had been working on the development of technology that would allow safe dosing of various types of active substances into the body and at the same time allow the body to use their potential to the maximum.

02 / What about low bioavailability?

Complex research

We wanted our technology to be able to tackle low bioavailability in substances. Meaning those that are poorly soluble in body fluids and in conventional administration only a very small part can be used by our bodies. Many months of intensive research followed.

Denisa Stránská, PhD, pharmacist and COO Instar Technologies

03 / We’ve got it!

Oral film with InStrip technology

In the end, we were successful and the patented InStrip technology was created. The result is a very thin, flexible edible paper containing the active substance, a so-called “oral film“. You put the oral film with the active substance into the mouth, where it immediately adheres to the mucous membrane and slowly begins to dissolve and release the substances contained in it. Thanks to this, it works in just a few minutes. And this also applies to substances with low bioavailability, such as CBD.

04 / CBD in the form of an oral film?

And then there was Cebedix!

InStrip technology can quickly and almost without any residue get even the poorly soluble active substances to the places where they are needed. Therefore, we decided to use our own technology to create products with quality CBD, which offers many benefits. And like that, Cebedix and Cebedix-h were created.

Why is InStrip technology so unique?

Thanks to InStrip technology, there is no need to artificially increase the dose to achieve the desired effect, which also means no toll on the body. Thanks to InStrip technology CBD administration is simple, fast and effective, without the need to swallow tablets.

Easy to use

Place an oral film on the tongue, under it, or on the inside of your mouth. It adheres to the mucosa and, by gradual dissolution, the active substance begins to be released and absorbed in the mouth.

Time flexibility

InStrip technology uses various types of pharmaceutical polymers and can ensure that the substance is released over a specified period of time, from a few seconds to hours, months, and even years. Simply according to how it is needed.


Oral films with InStrip technology are also very thin and flexible so that you can place them precisely on the appropriate mucosa in your mouth. This is important because the active substances can work to the max.

Gentle and efficient

Thanks to InStrip technology, the administration of active substances is completely non-invasive, comfortable and brings quick effect. This also applies to substances with low bioavailability, such as CBD

Wide field of use

InStrip technology is suitable not only for the administration of substances with low bioavailability, it can also deal with those thermolabile ones, which means that it can also effectively supply vaccines to the body, among other things. Thanks to its excellent properties, it is used in various industries, from cosmetics through food supplements to pharmaceuticals for animals and humans, and is celebrating success that is only increasing.

Precise dosing

Oral film with InStrip technology allows precise dosing, and ensures high homogeneity and stability under various conditions. In addition, different substances can be combined in one square or strip, you will not find any unnecessary ingredients in it, and last but not least, you do not have to swallow it, unlike pills.

How does oral film get on with CBD?

CBD appears on the market in many forms. You can swallow it, put it under your tongue or inhale it. However, it is the oral film with InStrip technology that has the greatest effect.

01 / What is the most important?


CBD is a substance that is difficult for the body to absorb. Just because you deliver it into your body doesn’t mean it will work. With conventional administration, most of the active substance is eliminated by the body without using its benefits. That’s why there’s Cebedix. Thanks to the use of InStrip technology, we have increased the absorbability of CBD by up to 40 times compared to oils. An independent test showed that 3 mg of CBD administered as an oral film had a similar effect to 93 mg of CBD administered in an oil. Not to mention the speed and duration of action, which is so much lower in oil than in oral film. In short, application of CBD in the form of an oral film is definitely more effective.

Oral film


02 / And what is just as important?

Quality and speed

If you swallow CBD, the substance passes through the entire digestive system and is metabolised in the liver. You don’t know exactly how much active substance you will take and what added chemicals you or your dog will consume. Oils can irritate the stomach and you will wait a long time to get the effect. When smoking, you ruin your lungs and vaping is expensive and often socially unacceptable. When CBD is administered in the form of an oral film, on the other hand, the body uses almost all of the active substance without unnecessary loss and toll on the organs. The oral film has a fast and long-lasting effect, a discreet application and the certainty of a precise dose.

03 / What is in the future?

Oral film with InStrip technology.

Thanks to its excellent properties, InStrip technology is used in various industries, from cosmetics through food supplements to pharmaceuticals for animals and humans, and is celebrating success worldwide. Finally, it is also available in the Czech Republic for the administration of CBD.

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